HopeNet: The Social Networking Site for the Cancer Community

It takes a village to raise a child. To live with cancer, it takes an entire community.

With the recent launch of HopeNet, a new social networking site, Cancer Hope Network provides cancer patients with an online resource for sharing experiences and knowledge. HopeNet serves as an online community where cancer patients, survivors, co-survivors, and volunteers gather to discuss treatments, swap experiences, and mobilize support.

HopeNet functions similarly to the popular social networking site, Facebook. Each user has a profile where they can upload photos, post comments, write blogs, and interact with other users in the HopeNet community. Users have the capability to create groups as well, based on their interests or concerns, and invite other users to join.

Since its establishment in 1981, the Cancer Hope Network has been training cancer survivors and co-survivors (including caregivers) and matching them with cancer patients currently undergoing similar experiences.  After being matched, patients can ask questions and volunteers can provide guidance and insight.

The launching of HopeNet enhances the one-on-one connections that Cancer Hope Network has been providing cancer patients with for the last thirty years, and provides a much-needed place where anyone touched by cancer can go to find others going through similar experiences.

Sometimes the most frightening part about cancer is the feeling that you’re dealing with it on your own.  HopeNet provides a venue for day-to-day interaction with an entire community.

Check out HopeNet and create a user profile,.  Start interacting now.  Visit http://chn.cancerhopenetwork.org.

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