Who says you can’t take a stand and provide immediate help for cancer patients?

Adding an emotional support system to your oncology treatment can be just what the doctor ordered. Cancer Hope Network provides this emotional support by using a time-tested system of matching Support Volunteers with people recently touched by a cancer diagnosis.  By supporting this simple concept, you can help can make a difference.   And there’s good news: Cancer Hope Network makes it easy to contribute to this good cause.

Cancer Hope Network offers options for donating of which most people aren’t even aware.  Cash isn’t the only way to donate. What about that old car, boat, truck, or trailer that you have been meaning to sell? Cancer Hope Network accepts these as donations, and can even arrange for them to be picked up.

The Cancer Hope Network Facebook Cause page is a super-convenient way to donate to the cause.  It also encourages other members to join.  Or, you can donate using PayPal.

You can even help anytime you search online.  GoodShop.com has joined forces with Yahoo! to create GoodSearch.com, which offers you the same great search results you expect from Yahoo!.  If you make Cancer Hope Network your charity of choice, GoodSearch donates a penny to the cause each time you search or an even greater percentage when you make a purchase.  There is no extra cost to you.  Giving has never been easier!

Word of mouth serves as another powerful tool to help those diagnosed with cancer.   Indicate you “like” us on our FaceBook page.  Spread the word about Cancer Hope Network.