A Get-Well Gift Before Surgery
Posted By: Brad Jenkins, TakeThemAMeal.com on Jun 6, 2013

When a friend or relative is in the hospital, the list of get-well gifts can be about as common as the stethoscopes hanging from the doctors’ white robes.

But get-well gifts need not be so humdrum, as we found out from one of our TakeThemAMeal.com users. This user, a school teacher in Virginia who is preparing for surgery in a week, received a pleasant surprise when she showed up to her classroom one day before her weeks-long sick leave: two baskets of get-well gifts, showered upon her before she had even been to the doctor for her pre-op appointment.

Fellow teachers had stuffed the baskets full of items their co-worker may find handy in the days leading up to and following her surgery:

  • CDs full of upbeat and eclectic music
  • Favorite candies as a pick-me-up for before the surgery and after when she is allowed to eat “regular food” again
  • A new book by a favorite author, her latest book club selection, and several new issues of her favorite magazines, all which will come in handy during those days of rest following her surgery.

Other thoughtful items included in the baskets were puzzles, a coffee mug stuffed with several small samplers of coffee flavors to enjoy trying, scrapbooking paper, notecards and a plaque about friendship. The teacher was blown away by the thoughtfulness of her pre-op gift; it provided a much-needed boost of confidence heading into her medical procedure.

It got us thinking that this could be an ideal gift for someone facing a planned surgery or even for a mom-to-be as she prepares for her due date. The only thing we’d add: a handwritten note to let them know some home-cooked meals will be provided as they recuperate.


A Get-Well Gift Before Surgery


A Get-Well Gift Before Surgery