My Cancer Survivor Story



By Liz Grabscheid

My name is Liz Grabscheid. I am a 47 old, single mother, with a ten year old daughter. In 2007, I felt a sharp pain in my right breast and then, I felt a lump. After many tests, it was confirmed that I had Breast Cancer.

After my surgery, I had to undergo chemo and radiation therapies. Since then I have had more bouts with this terrible disease. Last year I went in for my yearly exams and tests which include a Mammogram and Breast MRI.

My doctor contacted me a couple days later telling me they found two growths on the same side. It ended up being Cancer….again.

Through careful thought and lots of discussions with my doctors I decided to have a double mastectomy and reconstruction.

Before surgery the doctors order what’s called a PET (Positron emission tomography) Scan. The results came back and as it turns out I had Cysts on my ovaries as well and luckily that’s all it was.

Surgery was scheduled for October and I went in and a partial hysterectomy along with the other two surgeries.

One of my favorite shows that still airs is M*A*S*H and of course my favorite character is Hawkeye. There was an episode where a general sent his aid to the unit to find a personal physician. The aid was in the operating room as an observer. Hawkeye’s patient was going into respiratory arrest and began chest compressions and Hawkeye said something that has stuck with me for many years “Don’t Let the Bastard Win”.

I have also been hit with other ailments as well such as a form of Muscular Dystrophy called Limb Girdle. This means that the muscles in my shoulders and hips, also called your “gate” are not able to support my skeleton. if I can survive this and then Breast Cancer anyone can be a survivor.

Cancer is rampant. The statistics are astounding. Similar to our Soldiers, we too, have “Battle Scars” from fighting this terrible disease.