Bridget 2

By Cancer Hope Network Volunteer and Breast Cancer Survivor, Bridget

I was only 38 years old and had a mammogram only after other women at my job site talked me into it. A mobile mammogram machine was made available to us at work and I honestly didn’t have the time to go for a routine mammogram.

My boss was in town and I knew she would need something so, at first, I opted against having one. However, the lovely ladies who worked for me, one in particular, Linda, continued to be persistent and say “come on Bridget let’s go, I will tell your boss where you are.” So against my better judgment, or so I thought, I went off to the mobile mammogram machine. It was my first and last mammogram. At 38, I wound up being diagnosed with breast cancer. I thought for sure they had the wrong patient.

And so it began, never a dull moment.

I am not even 40, why would I even have to go for a mammogram? I felt no lumps or so I thought? I had just finished breast feeding my son and my breasts felt lumpy anyway. My son was almost 1 year old. And, out of all the women who went to the mobile mammogram on site that day, I was the only one who tested positive for an ER/PR invasive carcinoma tumor. I owe my life to Linda at work and will be forever grateful for how persistent she was. I would not be here today to speak so boldly about my story if it wasn’t for her. I am so grateful to her and the mammogram that saved my life.

I underwent a double mastectomy shortly thereafter and went through the routine cocktails of ACT and Treatments. I unfortunately had life threatening complications such as a pulmonary embolism in my right lung, a cellulitis infection, was septic, had septicemia…but now I am here to tell you there is HOPE. Even after never having a dull moment, and with a 1 and 3 year old, there is HOPE. I am still standing (for the time being) to shout from a mountain top that you don’t have to be 40 to go for a mammogram, GO NOW and take preventative measures to take care of your boobies!