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Do you have difficulty sleeping or staying asleep during the night?

I sure do. I’ve always been prone to insomnia but, while I was undergoing cancer treatment, it was especially bad.

I’ve learned the hard way that the best way to keep yourself wide awake is to freak out about not sleeping. Now I know that putting the focus on relaxation, rather than sleep, is the key.

It’s impossible to relax and fall asleep if you’ve been tense all day. To help you get relaxed, I share nine tips in my latest CURE article.

It’s Time for Bed. Are You Too Tense to Sleep?

There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep. Homer

The worry and stress of living with cancer often leads to insomnia. I often couldn’t fall asleep, or would pass out and be wide awake a few hours later, unable to get back to sleep. I had no idea how badly it was affecting me until my therapist pointed out how fatigued I was during an especially miserable session.

As I always tell my children, “When you’re tired, everything’s worse.” In my struggles with insomnia, however, I’ve learned that putting the focus on sleep doesn’t help. In fact, it often makes things worse by creating more anxiety.

Instead, I’ve learned I must back up a step and focus on relaxation. If I can relax, I can activate healing responses within myself, one of which is sleep.

You can’t go to bed and instantly relax if you’ve been anxious and stressed all day. The following steps will strengthen your relaxation muscle and help you face bedtime ready to sleep:

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Wishing you a great night’s sleep!

Image courtesy Al Thomas

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