From quirky to sedate, hilarious to somber, we know there are many ways to fight cancer. On this post, we’re proud to team up with Brooke Purdy and the folks at Quality Problems Film to shine a spotlight on one (often hysterical!) way of fighting. Enjoy!

I was diagnosed with DCIS in my right breast 2008 when I was 40 years old. I had a four year old and a one year old and a husband who was reeling as hard as I was from the words:

“Yes. It’s Cancer.”

We both zombied through that day… Sometimes crying, sometimes silent but always carrying around the imagined skull & crossbones of a Cancer diagnosis. It colors everything. Nothing else matters and when you DO forget for 30 seconds, it comes REELING BACK with the power of a Mack Truck T-bone.

Quality Problems POSTERIn that haze of realization, denial and fear I put calls in to my two best friends. They then called each other to confer on how to react and what they were going to do to “fix me”.

Three hours later, they showed up at my house with a dozen donuts and their “game faces”. We ate ALL the donuts and talked about everything BUT Cancer and we laughed. Oh crap did we laugh. Hard. Donuts were spit, as was water and milk. It was the exact prescription I needed in that moment. It’s also the protocol that got my husband & me through the entire, insane, ordeal.

Our RX? We laughed. A lot. We made fun of ourselves.

We had competitions on whose resting heart rate was lower.  We made nurses and Doctors alike laugh along with us…or get very concerned. We had friends come over EVERY night for thee weeks after my surgery with dinner:  It was a GREAT time where we were forced to SLOW DOWN and appreciate them. Again- always laughing through the visit.

We have twisted friends.

We videotaped when my plastic surgeon took pictures of my “before” boobs- and my husband threw crumpled dollar bills at me, shouting “Come ON, lady! This is the worst dance I’ve ever seen!”

So, when we say- we are making “A Comedy about Cancer”- we kind of mean it. We are NOT making light- never. We are simply sharing what worked FOR US. Our formula? We asked for help and we were ourselves… which is twisted and hilarious- at least to ourselves and apparently, our “village.”

And this approach, the one that I believe saved me, was all started with donuts and some spit takes by some very wise and sugar addicted women.