Mention one-on-one support and you may conjure a mental image of a sweet lady who takes a break from her crochet projects to check in on a fellow cancer patient. And sometimes that’s true. Sometimes, cozy comfort is exactly what you’re looking for. Sometimes, a craft project is just the distraction you need from a fight with cancer. (Looking for a fun project? Try our Winter Wonderland Wreath.)

But not always.

Our Patient Services team works to individualize each match that we make. While most matches begin with a similar diagnosis or treatment, they also include other lifestyle circumstances and issues that are important to the patient or caregiver who requests the match.

From single parenthood to LGBT or English as a second language to diagnosis with multiple primary cancers, participation in a clinical trial, genetic testing or other survivorship issues, our focus is singular: to connect patients with someone who can relate to their experience and provide hope.

Which is why this quote from one of the patients we served makes us so proud. “She wasn’t warm and fuzzy and neither am I.”

At Cancer Hope Network, the experience of each patient and caregiver who calls is important. After a match, we follow up with emailed and mailed surveys.

But it doesn’t end there. Twice a year, CHN works with an independent firm to survey the patients we have served. We recently received the latest results and are incredibly proud to announce that 94% of the patients and loved ones we served were satisfied/very satisfied. We know that cancer can be one of life’s worst experiences and are grateful to the Support Volunteers who make that experience just a little more hopeful for patients across the country.

So, if you’re looking for a warm and fuzzy, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re looking for straightforward and un-fuzzy, we’ve got that covered too.

To be matched with a Support Volunteer of your own, click HERE or call 877-HOPENET. (877.467.3638)