Earlier this week, CHN and Clara Health announced a new partnership to support patients considering a clinical trial. We are delighted to share Clara’s post here. To learn more about Clara, follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


The Clara team is proud to announce a new partnership with Cancer Hope Network, a nonprofit advocacy organization supporting patients, caregivers, and survivors via a powerful mentor network.

Through this partnership, Cancer Hope Network and Clara will collaborate to support patients and caregivers as they navigate clinical trials and the trials’ potential to offer breakthrough treatments.

Cancer Hope Network’s revolutionary match model connects patients and caregivers with more than 400 cancer survivors (a subset of who have participated in a clinical trial) who have been through the same fight and won, ensuring that each patient is matched with a volunteer whose experience closely mirrors their own.

Integrated into Cancer Hope Network’s model is the Talking About Clinical Trials (TACT) program which specifically matches cancer patients considering a clinical trial with a survivor who has been there before. Patient feedback indicates that the opportunity to speak with a trained Support Volunteer who, as a cancer survivor, can genuinely empathize and answer questions a patient may be afraid to ask, is invaluable.

“Cancer Hope Network has done a remarkable job fulfilling an unmet need for cancer patients,” said Lilly Stairs, Head of Patient Advocacy at Clara. “It is an honor to work alongside an organization that is offering patients and caregivers a genuine, human connection that transcends understanding and offers vital wisdom and hope.”

Clara, a platform empowering patients with the knowledge they need to search for clinical trials and make informed treatment decisions, is honored to be Cancer Hope Network’s go-to resource for patients searching for a clinical trial.

“Our TACT program links trained volunteers with patients considering a clinical trial, sharing their personal experiences and answering questions,” explained Wanda Diak, Executive Director for Cancer Hope Network. “It’s a chance to make the unknown a little less daunting and we’re delighted to partner with Clara Health to provide quality information and empower patients.”

In 2017, the American Cancer Society projects that there will be over 1.6 million new cases of cancer diagnosed. While there is not yet a cure for many forms of cancer, researchers are racing to discover new treatments every single day. Cancer Hope Network and Clara are joining forces to raise awareness about the 655,806 patients needed to fill clinical trials for cancer currently underway. Together, we will work to ensure patients are informed about these cutting-edge treatment options and help bring patients one step closer to cures.

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