“In God we trust, all others must bring data”
Statistician William E Deming

We’re understandably proud of our remarkable Support Volunteers. On phone calls, by text message and with the occasional in-person hug, they live out a commitment to providing hope every day. They share treatment victories and explain expected side effects.

Struggling to adjust to the “new normal” of life after cancer? Celebrating the end of treatment but terrified of a six-month follow up scan? They can relate. They’ve been through this struggle. More than empathy, they share understanding and are living proof that life after a cancer diagnosis is possible.

Our 400+ trained Support Volunteers represent more than 80 cancer types, speak 15 languages and offer encouragement to patients and caregivers facing a diverse set of challenges and lifestyle circumstances.three volunteersSo who could blame us for thinking our volunteers are awesome-sauce? Like a proud parent who is just sure their newborn is destined for MENSA, we believe everyone will adore our Support Volunteers.

But like that proud parent, we know bragging’s best done when there’s data. Which means we’re delighted to share the latest results of our patient satisfaction survey. (The outside survey is completed twice a year.)

For the first time ever, our matches were 100% satisfied/very satisfied with their match experience. Nearly 80% (79.49, to be precise) of patients and caregivers surveyed were “very satisfied” and the remaining 20.51% were “satisfied.” Our volunteers are so awesome that this round, not even one patient gave a “OK” rating. (three on a five-point scale)

We understand that there is always room for improvement, ways to be better, to support our patients more. We remain committed to ongoing volunteer training and increased interactions between patients and volunteers.

brilliant volunteerToday, however, we celebrate. We celebrate the outstanding, thoughtful, committed Support Volunteers who ensure no one faces cancer alone. We thank them for their service, their honesty and meaningful care.

And we leave you with this patient review, “My Volunteer has been brilliant, I could not have gotten through this without him.”

Want to connect with a superhero volunteer of your own? Click HERE or call 877-HOPENET (877.467.3638) to connect today.

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