Guest Post: Rachel Basso, Patient Advocacy Manager at Clara Health

When people think about clinical trials, most understand that the option of a clinical trial can present a new hope to patients and families facing a difficult diagnosis. These treatments can provide a quality of care that would otherwise be unattainable, whether current treatment options have stopped working or simply aren’t available to treat the problem at hand. For patients and families searching for a solution to improve and extend quality of life, clinical trials can be life changing.

What many forget, is that participation in a clinical trial is actually so much more than that. Yes, the trial is new hope for patients and families, but the hope it provides does not stop with that one patient.

Clara guest post (2)Each person who participates in a clinical trial is providing researchers invaluable information about the disease, the human body, and the new treatment options. These discoveries live long beyond one man or woman. The innovations that go on to save and help innumerable patients are truly impossible without the contribution of each patient who took a chance..

People talk about how someday, someone will cure cancer. These people are wrong. No ONE person will ever cure cancer…. alone that is! Patients, caregivers, and allies are all already contributing to this eventual discovery of a cure. With each enrollment in a clinical trial, one more hero is added to the list of people who had a part in the next great medical innovation.

Make no mistake —  patients hold all the power!


Photo courtesy Jay Mantri.