Here at Cancer Hope Network, we think our volunteers are pretty special. In fact, we’re pretty sure they’re some of the smartest, kindest, most supportive people on the planet. But then, they’re OUR volunteers, so of course we think they’re great!

We thought you’d like to hear why OTHER people think our volunteers are awesome. We hope you enjoy these thoughts and quotes from patients who have spoken with a volunteer.

Our special gratitude to the patients and families who shared their experiences with us. We know that you have many ways to spend your time and appreciate your willingness to provide feedback. match me

They’re empathetic.
For more than 30 years, CHN has been matching cancer patients and their loved ones with a volunteer who’s been through a similar fight. That ability to truly understand has made a remarkable impact.

“He knew exactly what I am going thru. Because he could relate to what I am feeling, I didn’t feel alone. By him sharing his experience and what got him thru what I am going to go thru, it gave me hope.”

“It was awesome to speak to someone who knew what I was going through.”

“The gentleman I spoke with gave it to me straight. He answered all my concerns without pulling any punches, while at the same time giving me much hope for the future.”

5 reasons (2) (1)They’re responsive and follow up.
The average patient talks to their Support Volunteer three times. But for many matches, that first call is the start of a beautiful friendship (sometimes including weddings and vacations).

“I’m thrilled that she is going to call me back after the surgery.”

“I was very happy when he called to check on me after my first treatments….He really calms me down.”

“You connected me with someone within 18 hours.”

“If I need to speak to Susan other than a scheduled time, she calls me back immediately!”

They have great suggestions.
Support Volunteers don’t give medical advice, but they do offer suggestions for coping with the battle and tricks that have helped them.

“They helped me understand what happens to my body during chemo and radiation.”

“Charlie answered all my questions. Having been through it, he was comforting and hopeful.”

“She is a very positive, outgoing patient who is very honest and caring. A great resource.”

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They’re good listeners.
Creating hope is more than giving a list of recommendations and tips. Sometimes, building hope means listening. Quietly. Attentively. Actively.

“Lynne was wonderful to converse with. She was very interesting and also a good listener. Her phone call inspired me and brightened my day considerably.”

“[My Support Volunteer was} compassionate, caring and understanding.”

“She was easy to talk with. She gave me hope.”

5 reasons (1) (1)

They inspire hope.
Our mission – and middle name! – has always been to inspire hope for cancer patients and their loved ones. Thanks to the generous, dedicated Support Volunteers who share phone calls, emails and visits, hope is winning.

“My coach was always upbeat and positive.”

“My mentor is very supportive, kind and helpful! She has made a positive difference in my life with cancer.”

We could go on for hours, sharing stories and gratitude from the patients who have been helped by their matches with a Support Volunteer. Instead, we’ll leave you with four simple, vital words from one patient – and the bottom of our hearts.

“Thanks for being there.”