This is the first in a series chronicling the adventures of Judy, a 20-year ovarian cancer survivor and longtime Support Volunteer. Judy is an award winning artist (see her work HERE) and the kind of daughter, sister and friend you wish you could take on your next road trip! We hope you’ll enjoy her zest for life and eye for beauty as much as we do!

My husband was in the US Air Force for the first 13 years of our marriage. We traveled a lot then, and still, do a lot of traveling. We lived in Japan for three years, have been in all of the states in the USA, spent three weeks in Peru and have visited much of Europe. This year we decided to drive around the United States and revisit many of the places where we were years ago. Next year, we’re planning on Vietnam, because the Vietnam War and the US draft is how “we” ended up being in the military.

Following are a few of the sketches I made, or photographs I took when we drove from New Jersey, east to South Carolina, south to the Gulf of Mexico, west to California, north to Idaho, and finally east to end up back in New Jersey.

rooster 1

Our first stop (last May) was at our son and his wife’s house in Southern Virginia. Besides working in corporate jobs, they raise chickens, ducks, geese, and quail. I suppose it would be called a ‘hobby farm.’ They are a 7-hour drive south from here, but we still try to get down to see them once or twice a year. Real rooster

They call their beautiful rooster ‘Vader’ because he likes to attack them whenever they exit the house!

We were with them for Mother’s Day so they took my husband and me to dinner and gave me roses and chocolates. Yum!

I shared the chocolates and put the roses in a water bottle in the cup holder of my car. We carried those roses all the way to Oklahoma, taking them into our hotel at night and back out to the car the next day. They were great company.