We are grateful to the friends who joined us (PHOTOS) and to the myriad volunteers, donors and sponsors (AD JOURNAL) who helped us celebrate Marietta and Glenn Alba. Accepting the award, Glenn highlighted the role as “a place of hope and a place of comfort” that CHN plays for so many. “That’s the power of this network.”

CHN Gala 2017-45

Guests heard from three Support Volunteers who provide support from diagnosis, through treatment and into recovery – Patricia Malizia, Chuck House and Laura Schneider.  As breast, throat and ovarian cancer survivors respectively, the three shared the ways they’re leveraging their personal struggles to help patients.

chn-gala-2017-140.jpg“At first, it was hard to share my story without crying,” Trisha recalled. “As time passed, I thought about how many people I could help by my story, and decided to do that instead of pushing it down inside myself.”

“Talking to me does two things,” Chuck agreed. “It helps them understand what to expect and it shows them there’s someone who’s made it to the other side.”

Eleven years after she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of ovarian cancer, Laura knows that for some patients, just talking to her is hope. “The mere fact I am alive and well gives others hope….every conversation is an opportunity to let them know someone understands, and to assure them they aren’t alone.”

On behalf of the patients and caregivers we serve, we thank the legion of incredible volunteers and donors who collected winecreated auction items, gave generously and made this evening possible. With your help, we will ensure that no one faces cancer alone.

CHN Gala 2017-76