Facing multiple cancers.
Going through cancer treatment while family is far away.
Fighting cancer-induced financial stress.
Working while undergoing cancer treatment.
Coping with relationship stress, followed by divorce soon after treatment ends.

Going through cancer is never easy – and the patients and caregivers in Cancer Hope Network’s newest class of volunteers know that firsthand. They’ve battled the challenges above – and many more. Several have been treated with chemotherapy and radiation, others have undergone cryoablation. Still others underwent the latest in robotic surgeries.

Through it all, what makes the individuals in this group exceptional is their determination to turn difficult experiences into something that helps others. “Because I had three cancers and am in remission, I want to help,” recalled Sandra. “I want to make patients feel positive and comfortable.”

new class (2)Others spoke of their desire to help patients and caregivers through the non-treatment impacts of cancer. “I was lucky that the physical aspect of cancer wasn’t as hard for me,” recalled Caren. “I want to help them through the emotional struggle they’re facing.”

“For more than 30 years, Cancer Hope Network has been training cancer survivors and caregivers to help make cancer a little less daunting,” said CHN Executive Director and ovarian cancer survivor Wanda Diak. “This class of volunteers joins the diverse group of committed volunteers already serving across the US. We’re grateful for their honesty, compassion and heart.”

We are delighted to introduce the newest members of the CHN Support Volunteer family:

  • Paul – Prostate cancer, stage 2b/Caregiver to spouse with breast cancer, stage 2
  • Bev – Colorectal cancer, stage 3
  • Caren –Endometrial adenocarcinoma, stage 3 with stage 4 recurrence
  • Sandra – Cecal adenocarcinoma, stage 2; Carcinoid tumor of the stomach, stage 1; Renal cell carcinoma, stage 1
  • Lynette – Cutaneous t-cell lymphoma; Lung adenocarcinoma, stage 1 with concurrent DCIS breast cancer
  • Chelsea – Papillary thyroid cancer, stage 1

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