“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”
H.E. Luccock

 At Cancer Hope Network, we’re proud to be part of an “orchestra” of collaboration – working with community organizations and nonprofits to provide support for patients and caregivers around the nation. The Hope Helpers series will highlight the work of some of these amazing allies.

Today, we’re delighted to introduce Jennifer Gavenas, Executive Director of the Nothing is Impossible, Inc. Based in Sparta, New Jersey, the foundation was created by CHN trustee Chuck McGivney, who will be honored at our Chrysalis Gala later this year, and his fellow senior partners of McGivney, Kluger and Cook.  Thanks to their firm-wide commitment to paying success forward, Nothing is Impossible has helped hundreds of individuals and families in the last two decades.

They provide assistance to Northern New Jersey individuals and families who are facing a temporary crisis – underwriting temporary shelter for a MS patient facing homelessness, providing in-home nursing care for a father of 8 while he recovered from a stroke, paying travel expenses for a single father as his daughter battled cancer and more.

jennifer-gavenas1.png“Our goal is to provide temporary help that creates permanent change,” Jennifer said. “We work with several community partners to find areas that they have trouble filling. Thanks to our partners and our ability to approve assistance quickly, we’re often in unique situations where a relatively small investment can produce dramatic results.”

After years in the corporate world, Jennifer’s desire to give back led her to nonprofit work. She worked with Community Hope’s transitional housing program that supports healthy communities and veterans and at The United Way with their corporate partners funding, as well as raising funds for their School Culture and Climate Initiative. Drawn to NII’s mission of filling in gaps, she jumped at the chance to shepherd the organization.

When asked about the clients NII serves, she grows passionate. “So many of the people we help are working, going through their days and their world is turned upside down by circumstance. Not everyone has a huge nest egg and even if they do, events like catastrophic medical costs, can be devastating.”

nothing is impossible (1)She recalls one single mother and her children who were escaping homelessness after leaving an abusive situation. “They’d found a home through one of our community partners and were ready to move in – but they couldn’t turn on the power until the outstanding balance on their electric bill was paid. We were able to help and give the family a fresh start.” She recognizes that no single nonprofit can fix everything. “We’re filling in gaps that our partners couldn’t fund and if that piece wasn’t filled the whole solution wouldn’t happen. Together, we’re able to help stop the spiraling effect of bad things happening.”

“Some of the greatest changes that have happened in our world have come from some of the worst experiences.”

Click HERE to learn more about Nothing Is Impossible Foundation or to support their work.