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On the road again: meteors and more

The latest in our series chronicling the adventures of Judy, a 20-year ovarian cancer survivor and longtime Support Volunteer. Judy is an award winning artist (see her work HERE) and the kind of daughter, sister and friend you wish you could take on your next road trip! We hope you’ll enjoy her zest for life and eye for beauty as much as we do!


This was my first time to Taos and I was just a bit disappointed. Many of the galleries were closed with the windows covered in white paint. The economy had forced many of them out of business. The once bustling art town no longer bustled.

6.5 taos

6 judy painted desertContinuing to head west, we stopped at the Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon, and the Meteor Crater, we first saw those places 51 years ago. We had to be in California by June 2 and felt a little pressed for time. We saw the Painted Desert and Meteor Crater in a day and the Grand Canyon the next day.

We were so young when we were last here, only in our 20’s and just starting our lives together.

6 bob and me at meteor canyon
Judy and Bob at Meteor Crater

In 1967 Bob walked down to the bottom of it.  NOT ME! Today, people aren’t allowed to go down there.

The remains of a crashed airplane are at the bottom of the crater.

6 meteor crater.jpg

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