For the past 36 years, Cancer Hope Network has built a community of people helping to ensure that no one faces cancer alone. At the heart of our community are the 400+ cancer survivors who are matched with cancer patients and their families to provide hope. But that isn’t where our network ends.

There is also a great community of people who want to ensure that our confidential, one-on-one support can be provided free-of-charge to adults facing cancer. These special people give generous donations, and they encourage others to support Cancer Hope Network too.
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We are launching a new initiative to celebrate the people who seek to engage raising new funds and new friends for Cancer Hope Network. We can give even more people the gift of hope when you help raise funds through benefit events, cause-based marketing initiatives, or online fundraisers. It’s a great project for school groups, service clubs, or even a group of friends wanting to do something positive for people experiencing cancer.

Please click HERE to learn about our new community fundraisers program.

Want more information? Thinking about hosting a fundraiser?  Contact Randibeth Gallant at or 908.879.4039 ex 12. She’ll help you brainstorm events, take your suggestions of clubs, organizations or people who might be good partners, and of course, answer all your questions. 

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