They don’t call this “The Most Wonderful Time of Year” for nothing. Even as temperatures drop (for some of us!) and to-do lists and checkout lines get longer, the season seems to call to the idealist in each of us with thoughts of love, peace and joy. twinkling, flickering lights represent different things to each of us – a miracle of light, the hope of a new-born savior or the wide-open promise of a new year.  But there’s no denying there’s electric potential in the air.

Donate ButtonAs we celebrate love-filled lives well-lived and hope born anew, we know that this time of year can be especially difficult. A table full of food you can’t eat, treatment-induced exhaustion that makes even pre-holiday “normal” days difficult or the house chock-a-block full of laughing family that’s a reminder of years gone by and loved ones no longer celebrating with us.

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So today, our reminder to you is simple. You are not alone.

You’re not alone in your pain. In the words of Irving Greenberg, “The proper response, as Hanukkah teaches, is not to curse the darkness but to light a candle.” Our volunteers and staff are here to listen, to comfort and most of all, to understand. They’ll listen as you curse the darkness – and help you light a candle of hope.

And you are not alone in your joy. Whatever your reason for celebration – clean scans, a loved one on the mend, the opportunity to ring in another year – we celebrate with you.

On behalf of the entire Cancer Hope Network family – we send our warmest holiday wishes for a year filled with delight and idealism, hope and health.

Happy Holidays!

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