Research tells us that volunteering has many benefits – combating depression, increasing self-confidence. It’s even been shown to improve longevity. More importantly, it transforms the world.

With a team of more than 400 Support Volunteers, every week is Volunteer Appreciation Week, every month, Volunteer Appreciation Month, at Cancer Hope Network. Our volunteers have battled cancer, slogged through side effects and cared for loved ones. They create community and hope for new patients and caregivers across the nation.

Cancer is awful – but one match, one phone call, one visit at a time, Support Volunteers are making it just a little bit easier.

Which means the annual, official, Volunteer Appreciation Week and Volunteer Appreciation Month are a formal opportunity to share what we know: our Support Volunteers are the best volunteers in the world!

But you don’t have to take our word for it. The clients they’re matched with say it better than we ever could. Here, in their own words, a look at the difference the dedicated, thoughtful, hilarious Support Volunteers are making every day.

They speak honestly. “I’ve spoken to several volunteers to ask the patient perspective and each one was compassionate and supportive, speaking candidly about their experience.”

They’re understanding. “I was facing the first surgery of my life.  I wanted to talk to someone who had experienced what I was fixing to go through.  It was a blessing to speak to two ladies who had experienced not only the surgical procedure but living through it and surviving 14 yrs and 7  yrs.  It helped me realize I could do it too!  And gave me the confidence I needed to proceed with my procedure.”

They provide perspective, even in difficult times. “He is very laid back and has encouraged me to think about what I can do other than what I may lose because of cancer…. Really cool and knowledgeable guy….thanks for the connection.”

They meet you where you are. “Lots of information AND emotional support. Very upbeat and down-to-earth. Picked up very quickly I don’t like sugar-coating.”

Most of all, they understand. “I learned that I was not alone in my experiences.”

So today and every day, we say thank you.