“I love music, and I hate cancer!”

These words from CHN Support Volunteer and Hope Overdrive’s lead guitarist Steve Ziolkowski sum up the feelings of many taking part in the first-ever Rhythm & Hope benefit concert on Saturday, September 14. The event will be held at Stanhope House (45 Main Street, Stanhope, NJ) from 6-11 p.m. (Presale Tickets: HERE)

Rhythm n Hope Ticket ButtonThe evening will include five bands – Craig Adderley, The House Rockers, Zeke Carey Band, The Dirty Shine and, with their debut performance, Hope Overdrive.

Hope Overdrive is the official Cancer Hope Network band, featuring a motley musical crew of CHN friends, sponsors, board members, volunteers and staff dedicated to music, performing, and the mission of our organization – ensuring that no one faces cancer alone. Hope Overdrive musicians are lawyers, doctors, teachers, social workers, accountants and more.

match me cubeThey believe in providing hope, love, and support through the power of music. “Music is my stress relief,” says CHN Executive Director and Overdrive vocalist Cynthia Gutierrez Bernstein. “Singing is therapeutic. Singing in a group is the epitome of teamwork. You’re depending on each other to make a whole. The same can be true for patients and caregivers facing cancer.”

Providing hope and support for people facing cancer is personal for the members of the band.

Rhythm quotes (1)“I love to sing, and I love the cause, what we’re doing,” agrees CHN Director of Programs and Hope Overdrive vocalist Rachel DiQuattro. DiQuattro has been singing and performing in public since she was five years old.  For her, the mission is personal. “I lost my grandfather and my uncle to cancer. I’ve seen the suffering they went through. I’ve also heard from our clients how CHN’s service changes their perspective on the entire experience of cancer.”

For Hope Overdrive’s debut performance, we are proud to feature the talents of Executive Director Cynthia Gutierrez-Bernstein (Vocals); Program Director Rachel DiQuattro (Vocals); Board of Trustees Vice President Lindsay Tasher (Vocals and Event Emcee); Support Volunteer/Survivor Steven Ziolkowski (Lead Guitar and Vocals); and CHN Friends Bob Lehane (Drums, Guitar, and Vocals) and Dr. Bob Lange (Bass, Vocals).

Rhythm quotes (2)“I started playing the piano when I was three,” CHN Trustee and Hope Overdrive vocalist Lindsay Tasher recalls. “I stopped when I was 12 to focus on doing theater. I sang in an a cappella group in college – a shock to the system for a girl used to belting out musical theater songs at the top of her lungs!”

Rhythm quotesToday, Lindsay, and her lawyer husband Steve Ziolkowski (“It’s a rule that all musicians-turned-lawyers have to marry each other!”) are active volunteers for  Cancer Hope Network, have performed in several Bankrupt Talent fundraisers and their band The Second Take just released a new album. (On Spotify HERE, Amazon HERE)

“I’ve lost way too many friends and family members way too soon to cancer, and have had way too many friends and family members have to fight,” Tasher continues. “I’ve also had way too many conversations with people who tell me they wish they had known about Cancer Hope Network when they were battling the disease. I volunteer with Cancer Hope Network to make sure that… no one, no matter what, faces cancer alone.”

We hope you’ll join Hope Overdrive and the entire Cancer Hope Network family in September.

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