A cup of coffee, a (quarter!?) tank of gas, the toll for a single trip across the Brooklyn Bridge.
glimmersWhat do these expenses have in common? They’re necessary. They’re frequent. They’re not something we think about too much. They’re also things that, with the possible exception of coffee (we do care about our coffee at CHN!), aren’t necessarily something that sparks joy.

When you join Cancer Hope Network’s monthly giving program, Glimmers of Hope, you will be sparking joy. With a monthly gift as little as the cost of a cup of coffee or a quarter tank of gas, you can help Cancer Hope Network provide a glimmer of hope for adults facing cancer.

Research tells us that peer support like that offered by CHN’s Support Volunteers can make a meaningful impact on treatment outcomes. Talking with a Support Volunteer can inspire patients as they head in for their first session of chemo, encourage them as they push through “one more week” of treatment despite side effects, and even bring peace to caregivers as they help their loved ones. In Global Evidence for Peer Support: Humanizing Healthcare, the research group Peers for Progress notes, “Peer support helps patients make sense of their health conditions and helps them in practical ways that stretch beyond the confines of health care.”

glimmers (5)The patients and caregivers we serve tell us the same. “Speaking with two volunteers was so helpful and continues to be on an ongoing basis as I am now facing major bladder surgery, and I’m really scared,” reports one client. “They’ve been through it, so their input has helped me a lot.”

Another tells us, “I learned that I was not alone in my experiences.”

Thanks to your generosity, your gift of $5, $10 or $20.83 each month will ensure that work continues. Your gift helps us recruit and train the survivors and caregivers who spark hope. It helps us staff the team of nursing and social work professionals who coordinate connections and provide additional resources.

Together, we will bring light and hope to those who need it most and ensure no one faces cancer alone.

Thank you.

glimmers (4)