One helped ring the NASDAQ opening bell. Another came in second in a “talent” show by making her eyes squeak. Still another was a radio DJ with a top-grossing show for more than a decade.

One was a top 10 finisher in the Miss New Jersey Teen USA pageant. Another participated in musical theater and has 15 years of classical ballet experience.  One was home-schooled, another went to performing arts boarding school.

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One loved Speedy Monkey while another had all sorts of live pets – cats, deer, dogs, a kinkajou, parrots, a toucan, a turkey and a squirrel for starters. Still another can’t get enough of her favorite animal and has what amounts to a small museum of giraffe tchotchkes.

Another ran a print shop, dressed as a genie for Halloween and is an expert graphic designer.

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Together, they’re the ladies of Cancer Hope network’s dedicated staff. They care and they love, the listen and they advise. Most of all, they work with hundreds of volunteers, donors and clients to create hope despite cancer’s trauma.

We spend a lot of time on these pages introducing you to our Support Volunteers – the incredible survivors and caregivers who share their time and experiences with clients across the country. Over the coming weeks, we’re doing something a bit different. We’ll be introducing you to the team that serves as the glue – our staff.

This series started on a lark – answering 20 questions to learn more about each other. It turned into giggles and joy, inspiration and admiration. We hope you’ll enjoy the journey along with us – laughing, learning and getting to know us a bit better.

For more information about being matched with a Support Volunteer – or to chat with one of our teammates, call 877.467.3638.

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