Meet the youngest team member of Cancer Hope Network: Suzanne Leger. Suzanne is our marketing manager and graduated May 2019 from Alvernia University with her Bachelor’s in marketing. She has had all types of career dreams, when she was younger she wanted to be a pastry chef, a mailman, or an eye doctor.

Throughout high school and college she was a life guard and a swim instructor for children with special needs and adults. While Suzanne was in school she worked in the mission office of her university where she aided in the organization of retreats and service trips. This work, paired with being a Resident Assistant sparked her desire to work in a nonprofit setting where she could use her talents to be a resource for others.



Cancer Hope Network focuses on supporting those who are going through some of the most difficult times of their life and Suzanne wants to do her part in sharing the mission of Cancer Hope Network.  She shares the stories of our clients and volunteers in the hope that someone out there will be compelled to reach out.

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