“Cancer Hope Network is like Match.com for cancer patients.”
Dr. Michael D. Stubblefield
National Medical Director, ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation
Director of Cancer Rehabilitation, Kessler Rehabilitation

Here at CHN, we’re big fans of Dr. Stubblefield and his colleagues at ReVital and Kessler. We appreciate the work they are doing to help people live well beyond cancer. But we’re especially delighted by his description of our services.

It’s  a light-hearted way to describe the serious work of creating connections that help cancer patients and caregivers navigate their journey with a greater sense of well-being. We are not creating love connections, but we are creating possibility and hope. We’ll never replace your bubbe (although one of our volunteers is the grandson of a real-life matchmaker!), but we are helping people facing cancer build meaningful relationships.

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As the world focuses on love and relationships, we celebrate those at the heart of our mission—our Support Volunteers. We are truly grateful for the care and support they offer.

For the past 19 years, Cancer Hope Network has surveyed our clients and volunteers, using data to ensure that our “perfect matches” are, in fact, as close to perfect as possible. The 2019 results are in – and the reviews are glowing. “My volunteer was beyond my expectations; I can’t begin to tell you how helpful she was.”

Some are inspiring healthy choices and courage in the face of treatment – “My volunteer has motivated me to do all the right things.” Others are bringing serenity and tranquility. In the words of another client earlier this year, “He is so calming and comforting. I never fail to get off the phone with him without feeling relief, support and genuine caring.”

It’s not just our Support Volunteers who are feeling the love. We hear that our volunteers are finding joy and inspiration in mentoring their matches through cancer’s dark days.

“I know what I have to do,” said Support Volunteer Mona. “I have to give that other person hope. And giving that person hope makes me happy.” Longtime volunteer Ellen agrees. “When I call people, I’m hoping that I’m helping them, but often when I get off the phone, I often feel like they’ve lifted me up.”

In the spirit of love, we hope you will consider making a gift—celebrating the volunteer who helped you find hope, uplifting the client who is battling bravely, or honoring the loved one who has been by your side in sickness and in health.

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