2020 has included many online meetings. Zoom. Teams. GoToMeeting and more. So. Many. Meetings.

But some are more wonderful than others. One of our favorites was the training for our new class of Support Volunteers held earlier this fall.

The volunteers’ experiences are as varied as the cancer’s they’ve faced. Some enjoy hiking, others walking and running. One is a trained nutritional coach. Another a practicer of Zen Bhuddism for decades.

One was matched with a Support Volunteer while undergoing treatment. Another wished for support of someone who understood what she was going through – and is determined to be that voice of hope for someone else. Still another survivor joins our volunteer corps after being recruited by a volunteer already serving.

Some are parents and one is an aunt. Some have children spread across the country, while others are finding the pandemic’s silver lining with a house newly re-filled with adult children.

Each class brings fresh perspectives and new experiences that add nuance to the ways we’re able to match and support clients looking for hope. This class is no exception. But they are exceptional. Together, they will provide support, mentorship and hope for patients and caregivers facing cancer.

We are grateful for their willingness to serve and honored to count them among our incredible group of Support Volunteers.

  • Steve – Ocular (choroidal) Melanoma
  • Erika – Cervical – Stage 2b
  • Tracy – Ovarian – Stage 1
  • Mark – Non Hodgkin’s B Cell Nodal Marginal Zone Lymphoma
  • Claudio – Prostate 3 & Pancreatic 3
  • Scott – Prostate 2a/Gleason
  • Joanna – Breast – Stage 2/triple negative
  • Lenny – Lung, Stage 4
  • Orly – Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – Stage 4
  • Erika – Caregiver

The group joins more than 400+ Support Volunteers already committed to providing peer mentoring for cancer patients and the people who love them.  To connect with these, or one of our other volunteers, please call our Programs Team at 877-HOPENET (877.467.3638) or visit cancerhopenetwork.org.