“You become a Support Volunteer and think you’re helping others, but you find they’re helping you.” Support Volunteer Bonnie

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month and Kidney Cancer Awareness Month. At Cancer Hope Network, our survivor volunteers have faced myriad cancers – from the frequently diagnosed like breast or lung cancers to the less common, like head and neck, ocular melanoma or leiomyosarcoma. Taken together, our army of hope has battled more than 80 types and subtypes of cancer. (More than 98% of the diagnoses that will be detected this year.)

Behind each volunteer’s profile in our database is a story. As survivors, they know that early detection saves lives. As volunteers, they’re committed to sharing the advice that helped them through treatment and the hope they’ve found in survivorship.

Sandra, first diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2003, has become a published author. “I tell my story to encourage others there is always hope.” “Having someone to talk to who had been through what you’re experiencing is of great value and comfort,” agreed fellow colorectal cancer survivor Michael. “Focusing on the end of the treatment while being educated on some of the side effects Is reassuring. You have a cheerleader who is rooting for you.”

The “cheerleading” offered by CHN volunteers takes many forms, including support for caregivers. John, who supported his daughter through multiple recurrences of kidney cancer helps loved ones find the courage to advocate. “Ask all the questions…. Feel comfortable with your doctors. Stay strong, you already love your child you just have to get through this. God willing, you will.”

Despite the challenges she’s faced, kidney cancer survivor Sabrina keeps hope alive, encouraging others to do the same. “Cancer diagnoses are always frightening but remember that a misty morning does not signify a cloudy day. Keep on fighting. You are not alone!”

To connect with a volunteer, call 877.467.3638 (877-HOPENET) or click HERE.