Today’s guest post is brought to us by Lindsay Tasher, Vice President of CHN’s Board of Trustees and host of the Team Elizabeth Virtual 5K fundraiser.

Friends and family,

We’re off to the races! I am beyond thrilled and grateful that in less than one week, Team Elizabeth’s Virtual 5K had more than a dozen runners join her celebration, and we have raised nearly $1,000 for Cancer Hope Network. Together, we will provide hope and help for people facing cancer. Thank you to all who have been so generous and supportive thus far in allowing us to remember her in such a special way. And of course, special thanks and love to Sean for your blessing to let us celebrate her together.

For those of you who would still like to join and register, visit our team page (and be sure to check out Details, Logistics, Frequently Asked Questions for lots of helpful info).

Before I get into the subject of tee shirts, I want to reiterate how laid back and flexible this Virtual 5K is going to be so that EVERYONE feels welcome to be part of the celebration.  No one should feel uncomfortable or hesitant to join Team Elizabeth if they aren’t really a “runner” or if they run/walk slowly, etc.  This is about celebrating Elizabeth however you wish and are able.  Feel free during your wandering travels to take breaks, take pictures, grab a hug, grab a snack – just be there to share this experience, your memories, and your photos with us. 

As for the tee shirts (available with registration)….

For our first year of Team Elizabeth, the shirts are designed with CHN’s “Move For Hope” initiative logo on a white background with the words “Cancer Hope Network” directly underneath. 

Grab your paints! Unpack the sparkles and dig out your iron on patches. This year’s shirt includes the CHN “Move for Hope” logo. (Next year, #TeamElizabeth shirts?!?) We’re challenging anyone who purchases a shirt to personalize the back. (Who would have been more up for a creative challenge than Elizabeth?!)

While they do not specifically say “Team Elizabeth” (perhaps next year), I hereby throw down the following creative challenge… Because who would have been more up for a creative challenge than Elizabeth???

As you can see, the back of the tee shirt is a blank canvas.  For this first year of Team Elizabeth, I challenge anyone who purchases a tee shirt to personalize the back of it however you wish!  Paints, sparkles, iron-on photos, patches – anything that inspires you for your journey and makes you think of Elizabeth!  And if you want to go crazy and deck out the front of it as well, no one is stopping you.  And if you’ve already signed up and did not purchase a tee shirt, you are also totally welcome to grab a blank shirt from a craft store (or even one you already have from a festival you attended with Elizabeth) and join/share the decoration fun with the rest of us.  Who’s with me? 

Thank you all again, and let’s keeping growing our beautiful, creative, and inspiring Team!!!

Lindsay Tasher

Vice-President, Cancer Hope Network