Friends, family, and all current (and soon to be) members of Team Elizabeth…

Welcome to our official “Wander Week” – the week we have all been waiting for to celebrate the life and love of Elizabeth Ann Mitchell McCarthy!

To date, we have raised nearly $2,000 on behalf of Cancer Hope Network – thank you all so much for your support for our inaugural celebration of such an incredible person!

Just a few final details…

First, YOU CAN STILL SIGN UP all the way through Monday May 17 (our final day).  While you will not receive your shirts in advance of completing your race, you can still absolutely 100% join Team Elizabeth as a walker/runner, and wear anything you please!

Second, you can do your journey ANY TIME, ANY DAY starting Monday, May 10, all the way up through midnight on Monday, May 17.  Complete your 5K totally on your honor at your own pace.  There is no “time limit” or need to share your official completion unless you want to.

Third, please feel free to SHARE SHARE SHARE your celebration and remembrance of Elizabeth however you wish on social media.  Wear your favorite festival shirt that reminded you of her, make a playlist of the songs that remind you of her, walk/run with a photo.  This is your celebration – make it memorable and special for YOU!  Take photos, shoot videos, play music.  If you are able to meet up safely with fellow artists/friends and do the walk/run together, go for it!

And when you do, if you could please use the following tags:

  • #MoveForHope
  • #TeamElizabethStrong
  • #CancerSupport
  • #LegacyOfHope
  • #CancerHopeNetwork

Also feel free to tag CHN’s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

And it’s also not too late to LET OTHERS KNOW about Team Elizabeth so they may sign up as well!

Thank you all so much – and most of all to Sean for his ongoing support to let us celebrate Elizabeth!