Friends, family, and everyone who came together to make the Team Elizabeth Virtual 5K a beautiful, successful, and special celebration of a truly remarkable person…


Our inaugural celebration brought together nearly 40 team members, and raised JUST OVER $2,500 for Cancer Hope Network. 

As you can see, Elizabeth was able to bring folks together from all over the country, including California, Florida, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and countless other places.  Whether in a park, on a beach, around the neighborhood, or elsewhere, it was clear that Elizabeth is remembered and loved by everyone, and will continue to be.

As we all appreciated early on when announcing the celebration, having a virtual event was the safest and most feasible way for us to remember Elizabeth “together” – until we could truly be together.  And nothing would make me happier than being able to continue this annual celebration in Elizabeth’s memory – which is exactly the plan.  However, while we are all easing towards “normal” and “together” again, I can’t help but think about how many lives Elizabeth touched in so many different places and for so many different reasons.  It seems almost unfair to limit a celebration to one location, when her love, creativity, and spirit lives on everywhere.

Therefore, going forward, I would like to invite all current and future members of Team Elizabeth to join us again next year for the Annual Team Elizabeth Virtual 5K.  Yes, we are going to keep this a virtual celebration so that anyone who wants to participate can do so however they are able!

Now, that is not to say that those of you who love and remember Elizabeth in California can’t make plans to meet up at a specific time/place and come up with a fun, creative way to travel your journey together – same for the folks on the East Coast, etc.  But the flexibility will remain and that choice will be yours!

In the meantime, I will ask all of you to stay tuned for some new and exciting ideas for next year, including expanding our celebration beyond just one week to the entire month of May – which is brain cancer awareness month.  “Any Day In May” will be the schedule.  Also keep an eye out for official Team Elizabeth 5K shirts next year – if anyone has suggestions for a fun theme or design, we will start thinking about that later this year so we have plenty of time.  Our overall goal is to keep building and keep being creative so we can keep celebrating and remembering!

Most importantly, this celebration would not have been possible without the help, hard work, and support from a number of folks – including every single member of Team Elizabeth 2021; the entire staff of Cancer Hope Network for their ongoing support and hard work throughout the process; Randa Karambelas, Chelsea Smith, and Sandy Garfunkel for their initial help/input getting this off the ground when I first had the idea; the Mitchell and McCarthy families for their support and generosity in being part of our team…

And most of all Sean – for your blessing to do this, your inspiration, your bravery, and your warmth and kindness that matched Elizabeth’s on the weekend I was lucky enough to have met you both.

Love and thanks… until our journey continues in 2022!

Lindsay Tasher

Vice-President, Cancer Hope Network