Cancer Hope Network

One on one support for adults dealing with cancer

Join us for the first-ever CHN Virtual Poker Tournament!

Missing the excitement of trips to Vegas? The challenge of reading poker faces? The thrill of upping the ante and fanning out straight flushes? We’re here to help….while you help provide support for people facing cancer.


The inaugural Cancer Hope Network Poker Tournament will be held online on


Tuesday, November 10th at 7pm.


The price of entry into the tournament is $150.00, with an opportunity for up to two rebuys per participant at $100.00 per rebuy during the first 60 minutes of play.


*Re-buys are allowed only when you are all out of chips.


We’ll be using PokerStars, an online poker card room designed to handle as many participants as are willing to sign up. In order to participate, you will need to create an account on the PokerStars platform.  The creation of this account is FREE!


We will be awarding prizes of 10% of the total revenue collected to the top three finishers in the poker tournament.  All remaining proceeds will go directly to Cancer Hope Network.


Use the form at the right to reserve your place at the (virtual) tables today.


You will receive a supplemental email within approximately one week with further information, instructions, and rules regarding the tournament.


Questions? Contact Randibeth Gallant – rgallant(at) or 908.879.4039 ex 110.

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