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Team Elizabeth – FAQ

What is a Virtual 5K Race?
Something special we can do to celebrate Elizabeth “together” until we can truly be together.  Ordinarily, 5K participants gather at a specific race location at a specific time to travel 3.1 miles on one specific trail.  In a Virtual 5K, participants register and complete the race in support of a great cause, but have complete flexibility to accomplish all of this anywhere they please – on a track, treadmill, neighborhood route, etc.  And they can complete the race on a more flexible schedule (as per the Schedule described below). 

How Do You Know I Completed The Race?
Great news – this is all done through the honor system!  Oh, and it is not a “race” with victory times/prizes.  No matter what your completion time is (if you’re a walker, runner, skipper, dancer), we are simply thrilled to have you be part of Team Elizabeth.  Our true goal is to honor her as a team and raise awareness for cancer.  

If you do wish to share/log your time, feel free to leave a comment on our page or share on your favorite social media channel.

How Much Does It Cost, and Why Would I Pay To Register When I Can Run for Free At Home?

100% fair question.  As mentioned above, this is about Elizabeth and celebrating her. Plus, if we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that there can never be enough hope and support to go around for people who need it – especially when there are diseases like cancer that don’t take a break. Hope and support are needed now more than ever, and organizations like Cancer Hope Network are working harder than ever to bring that to people – the same way that Elizabeth always did.  And that is what being part of Team Elizabeth is about. 

To register with Team Elizabeth is $35.00

To register with Team Elizabeth PLUS get a tee shirt is $50.00 (You may also donate any amount over $50.00 you wish.)

All proceeds (minus the fees/shipping for the shirts) will benefit Cancer Hope Network.

Grab your paints! Unpack the sparkles and dig out your iron on patches. This year’s shirt includes the CHN “Move for Hope” logo. (Next year, #TeamElizabeth shirts?!?) We’re challenging anyone who purchases a shirt to personalize the back. (Who would have been more up for a creative challenge than Elizabeth?!)

As a Member of Team Elizabeth, Do I Have To Raise A Certain Amount of Money for the Team In Addition to My Registration Fee?

Absolutely not.  Once you have paid the registration fee, there is no further fundraising obligation for members of Team Elizabeth.  All we ask is that you share our team page with others who may also wish to register and be a part of our celebration! 

What Is The Schedule?

Registration for Team Elizabeth is currently open, and will continue up through Monday, May 17th. (We encourage everyone to run/walk their actual race between May 10 and May 17.)

However, if you want to receive your shirt in advance of completing your run by May 17th, please register and place your order as soon as possible, but no later than Monday, May 3.

Can I Participate If I Do Not Live In The United States?

Unfortunately, to receive a shirt, you do need to live in the United States for shipping reasons.  However, if you live outside the US and still wish to donate or be part of Team Elizabeth (without the shirt), we would be delighted to have you! 

How Can I Help Share Our Celebration of Elizabeth With Others and Invite More People To Join Our Team?

Share however you like as creatively as you know Elizabeth would have appreciated! 

There are so many people who would love to be a part of this – let’s try to reach as many of them as possible.  Share this team page and registration link – on email, FB, Instagram, etc. 

Share your race day photos, share your pre-race day training (if you train), or share memories and photos of Elizabeth that make you especially excited to be a part of this team!  And when you do, if you could please use the following tags:

  • #MoveForHope
  • #TeamElizabethStrong
  • #CancerSupport
  • #LegacyOfHope
  • #CancerHopeNetwork

 Feel free to tag our social media channels

For other questions, please reach out to Randibeth Gallant, or 908.879.4039 ex 110.

Thank you all!!! 

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