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Team Elizabeth – a Virtual 5K benefitting Cancer Hope Network

I am inviting you to join my Move For Hope team in loving memory of someone I only met in person once. 

That alone should tell you all you need to know about Elizabeth Ann Mitchell McCarthy.  

In Fall of 2017, I traveled up to Vermont to attend a television festival. As a new writer/producer in a community where it always feels like everybody already knows everybody (except you), the expectations of feeling welcome, belonging, good enough, etc. were never high – especially at those big social events. However, a mutual friend, Sandy, insisted that I find Elizabeth (and her amazing partner-in-crime, Sean) at the opening festivities that night and tell them I was Sandy’s friend. I will always be grateful that I listened.

For a person as accomplished, smart, stunning on both the inside and out, and surrounded by people as she was that night I walked up to her, Elizabeth’s smile, grace, humor, and warmth was nothing short of magical. Meeting her and Sean that weekend made me realize that some people are just that kind, that special, and have that ability to make everyone around them feel hopeful and supported – probably without even realizing they are doing it.

Sadly, Elizabeth passed away last summer after her second hard fought battle with brain cancer (glioblastoma). She was 36. In her all too short time with us, Elizabeth lived, loved, and created so much – award winning films and television shows that she not only produced, but starred in, a successful production company with the love of her life, Sean McCarthy, and beautiful memories with friends, family, and fellow artists (many of whom begin their reminiscence about her with the same statement as mine: “I only met Elizabeth once, but….”).

Fittingly, the website for Guerilla Wanderers (Elizabeth and Sean’s production company) quotes J.R.R. Tolkien… “Not all who wander are lost.” I cannot imagine anyone ever feeling lost or without hope around Elizabeth. And I cannot think of anyone I’d rather have with me in spirit during a 5K for Cancer Hope Network – an organization whose mission is to provide hope and support for anyone who has been impacted by cancer. 


So I invite all of you – those who knew her, loved her, met her all of once, or are simply inspired by her story – to join me in celebrating Elizabeth Ann Mitchell McCarthy in a 3.1 Mile “Wander” from wherever you may be in this great big world. You can walk, run, skip, fly (if you can do that, I’m impressed) – it doesn’t matter. Wander however you wish to remember and honor Elizabeth and all those like her who effortlessly bring hope and joy to people – even those of us only lucky enough to meet them once.

Lindsay Tasher
Vice-President, Cancer Hope Network

(Be sure to enter Elizabeth’s name in the Legacy field.
We’ll be sure to let Sean and the team know.)

Grab your paints! Unpack the sparkles and dig out your iron on patches. This year’s shirt includes the CHN “Move for Hope” logo. (Next year, #TeamElizabeth shirts?!?) We’re challenging anyone who purchases a shirt to personalize the back. (Who would have been more up for a creative challenge than Elizabeth?!)

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